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Alisa Reyes - Back & Forth

Alisa Reyes - Back & Forth

Alisa Reyes - Singer/Actress

Check out Alisa's latest single "Back & Forth". Produced by & Featuring Linnie King Twigg & Mastered & Mixed by DJ Evil Dee.

Alisa is from the original cast of the Nickelodeon show

"All That". She is also the voice of La Cienega on the Disney animated show "The Proud Family". This is Alisa's sophomore single. In 2016 Alisa released her first single called "Sexy Hot" Prior Alisa was in a girls group called "3G's". Alisa is now focusing on her solo career. This 2019 Alisa will be starring in her latest feature film called "Break Even". For more info on Alisa Reyes visit AlisaReyes.Com & sign up for her monthly newsletter to get the 411 on Alisa's career & more!